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Near Surface/Surface Seismic Imaging

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Microseismic Imaging

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Borehole Seismic Services

We offer a wide range of affordable down hole acquisition services from proven conventional methods to new techniques.

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State of the ArtTechnology

We have invested in the latest state of the art technology and equipment to provide the highest performance of downhole seismic services in the industry today.

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Health, Safety & Environment

Our RISE program is fully compliant with the highest standards in health, safety and environmental practices and polices in the world.

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Reservoir Imaging is setting new standards in high performance borehole seismic acquisition. Our operations feature FAST deployment/retrieval of the large down hole arrays minimizing down time while maximizing production time.

Borehole seismic imaging is a proven concept in oil and gas exploration. Compared to surface seismic, the technique significantly improves seismic resolution and handles complex structural imaging, importantly delivering rapid turnaround results at lower costs.

Reservoir Imaging provides complete downhole seismic acquisition services optimized to fit your high resolution reservoir imaging needs and budget, both onshore and offshore, domestic or international.

OnShore Operations

Reservoir has capabilities for both domestic and international projects with onshore operations.

OffShore Operations

With our advanced technology, we can operate on offshore projects including both domestic and international.